Shared home ownership unravelled

2nd December 2016 By Thompson McCabe no comments
What would the quintessential aspiring first time buyer with little or no experience of buying a home or the real estate industry do when they first decide to explore the possibility of investing in a shared home ownership scheme? Where would they start? Google? In order to make this article beneficial to each and every [...]

What does the autumn statement 2016 really mean for housing and construction in the UK?

23rd November 2016 By Thompson McCabe no comments
The autumn statement is the second big economic statement of the year from the government and given that this is the first from the current chancellor (Phillip Hammond). It has also acrried a very Brexit loaded rhetoric to ensure the UK economy is ‘match fit’! Here is a snapshot extract relating to this article: UK [...]

Every first time home buyer should read this!

19th November 2016 By Thompson McCabe no comments
In a world where access to information (of any kind) is ubiquitously available at a touch of a button, it is of great surprise how a significant proportion of first time buyers fail to understand the fundamentals of ‘bricks & mortar’ and subsequently make decisions which are based more on emotions rather than facts. We [...]

Donald Trump presidency — The best thing to happen to the US economy in the next five years?

14th November 2016 By Thompson McCabe 1 comment
Since the early hours of Wednesday morning when the results of the 2016 US presidential elections were formally announced and Donald Trump was declared as the 45th president of the United States I have changed my mind three times about whether to publish this article. Furthermore, almost everybody with whom I have discussed the idea [...]

Why will the London housing market continue to rise in 2017 regardless of Brexit outcome

8th November 2016 By Thompson McCabe no comments
Since the referendum on 23rd June 2016 and the subsequent British vote to withdraw from the European Union, there has been countless number of reviews, reports and headlines focused on the knock-on effects of this historical event on the London and UK housing market. In this article we will look at the fundamentals and focus [...]

Where does the smart UK residential Real Estate investor buy in 2017?

1st November 2016 By Thompson McCabe no comments

The answer is Greater Manchester! The historical data clearly shows a clear divergence between Greater London and Greater Manchester over the last 10 years. Following the global credit crisis in 2008 the average price in both markets fell by approximately 25–30% according to the Land Registry statistics shown below. (source By 2011 the London market […]


Welcome to Thompson McCabe

30th November 2015 By Thompson McCabe no comments
As part of our 2016 growth strategy and branding campaign, we, at Thompson McCabe, have decided to share our views and experiences through our brand new Blog! We are passionate about the work that we do and always strive to push the barriers when it comes to quality, efficiency and providing our clients with value [...]